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Terms and Conditions:


AA-ONLINE.com will hereinafter be referred to as AA-ONLINE.com or the Company.

Client means any individual, firm, business undertaking, or company that purchases goods, products or services from AA-ONLINE.com.

Supplier means any individual, firm, business undertaking, or company that supplies goods, products or services to AA-ONLINE.com .

Contract is the relationship that exists when a Client requests the supply of goods, products or services from AA-ONLINE.com.

Spam means the forwarding by Email or other electronic means any form of unsolicited or unrequested, spurious advertising material or bulk mailing of any type of unrequested and unwanted data.

Terms means these Terms & Conditions, a copy of which is posted on the AA-ONLINE.com website and a printed copy will be made available on request.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms shall apply to all contracts for the sale and supply of goods, products or services from AA-ONLINE.com to Clients.

Clients who request products or services from AA-ONLINE.com by online store or email will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms.

AA-ONLINE.com reserve the right to amend, update or change these Terms at any time without prior notice.

AA-ONLINE.com does not support the use of Spam or any conduct which could be considered offensive, illegal or contrary to the spirit and protocols of the Internet. Websites which support pornography, adult or sex-related material, warez, illegal MP3 trading or IRC Bots are not permitted. Offending Websites will be closed down immediately they are discovered, all web pages, files and contents of the Website will be instantly deleted, and the account will be cancelled without refund of any fees which may have been paid in advance by the client.

Clients must not use their Website Hosting or Email facilities to promote and spread computer viruses or engage in hacking or any type of anti-social, disruptive or unlawful behaviour or conduct. Websites will be closed down immediately they are discovered.

Domain Name Registration

AA-ONLINE.com will attempt to register the Domain-Name requested by a Client with the appropriate registration authority, subject to all fees and charges for this service being paid in advance. Once the registration process has started it cannot be reversed, so clients must ensure the accuracy of the Domain-Name requested. AA-ONLINE.com cannot accept any responsibility for errors or spelling mistakes contained in the original request from a client, and will register the exact information supplied.

Registration and use of a Domain-Name is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant registration authority, and Clients must ensure that they are aware of and abide by such terms and conditions.

Given the popularity of Domain-Names and the high volume of registrations handled by the relevant registration authorities, AA-ONLINE.com make no representation that the Domain-Name a Client wishes to register is capable of being registered or that it can be registered in the Client's name. Clients must not assume that they have the right to use a Domain-Name until they have been formally advised by AA-ONLINE.com that the registration process has been successful. Any action take by the client prior to formal notification is at the Client's own risk.

Once the registration process has been started by AA-ONLINE.com, any fees or charges paid by the Client in advance are not refundable except in the following circumstances:-

If the relevant registration authority refuses to register the Domain-Name because it already exists or it is considered offensive.

If a Domain-Name registered by AA-ONLINE.com does not exactly match one of the Domain-Names requested by the client, as evidenced by the information contained in the Order Form completed and submitted by the client from the AA-ONLINE.com website.

In all other circumstances, fees or charges paid in advance will not be refunded.

Clients are reminded that Domain-Names are normally only registered for a renewable 2 year period, and failure to renew the registration prior to the appropriate anniversary date could result in the name being registered by a third party.

Clients can transfer their Domain-Name to a permanent hosting service at any time completely free of any transfer charges from AA-ONLINE.com, subject of to all outstanding monies and debts being cleared.

Website Hosting & Email Addresses

Virtual website hosting space is provided by AA-ONLINE.com and all fees and charges for this service are payable yearly in advance. In the event that such fees and charges are not paid by their due date, AA-ONLINE.com reserves the right to close down a client's website without further notice until all outstanding sums have been paid in full by the client.

Each Domain-Name is Limited to a maximum of 2Gb Bandwidth per month. Excess bandwidth used will be charged to clients at the rate of 10p (ten pence) per 1Mb in the month following the excess usage. In extreme cases where excess bandwidth usage has an adverse effect on other clients, AA-ONLINE.com reserve the right to curtail or disable a client's site until the bandwidth usage is reduced to more acceptable levels.

With the exception of Websites which have been designed, developed and maintained by AA-ONLINE.com and where AA-ONLINE.com is acting as the sole Webmaster, clients are wholly responsible for the content and material used on their Website, and must ensure that they comply with all relevant UK and International laws, particularly regarding copyright, trade marks, libel, confidentiality, and security matters.

Clients who have direct access to their Website Server Account must not attempt to abuse this privilege or gain access to other client's accounts, or attempt to obtain or interfere with the source code or functionality of the Server in any way, or make any attempt to use the Server for any unlawful or illegal purposes or for reasons other than as intended.

Clients must not store more data in their Domain-Name Account than their allotted and agreed space, and are responsible for ensuring that their user names and passwords are kept safe and secure and not divulged to another person or third party.

Clients are responsible for ensuring that they keep a current backup of their Website and all it's contents, including such items as web pages, graphics, and databases, and shall not hold AA-ONLINE.com responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

Whilst AA-ONLINE.com and it's suppliers will make all reasonable endeavours to have the Server and Services available to clients, availability of hosting services cannot be guaranteed, and AA-ONLINE.com shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused through the use, misuse, breakdown, downtime, unavailability, closure or removal of service. AA-ONLINE.com and its suppliers reserves the right to suspend the Services at any time and for any reason, generally without notice. A reason for permanent or prolonged suspension of the service will be sent to the client's last known Email Address.

The services provided to a client under a specific Domain Name or Account are for the specific use of that client, and may not be sold or transferred to a third party.

Website Design & Development

AA-ONLINE.com will design, build and develop a functional business website to a client's specific instructions, and will optimise the website for listing by Search Engines.

AA-ONLINE.com will continue to maintain the website and act as sole Webmaster for the client, subject to the client entering into a Website Hosting contract with AA-ONLINE.com and requesting that AA-ONLINE.com act in this capacity on an ongoing basis.

AA-ONLINE.com will utilise HTML, JavaScripts and CGI-Perl scripts to build websites, which can be framed or unframed depending on the client's instructions.

If special eCommerce software is required to develop a catalogue, online shop, or shopping basket facility, the client agrees to pay for such software in advance, including covering the cost of any special training fees that may be imposed by the software suppliers.

If an extensive online catalogue is required involving hundreds or thousands of products, clients are expected to provide a product database or spreadsheet, including graphics, images and photographs as required. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they have the right to publish any data so furnished by them, and that they are not infringing any copyright or trade mark by authorising its publication.

Clients are responsible for making their own arrangements in respect of Credit Card Merchant or Bureau facilities, although guidance will be provided by AA-ONLINE.com if requested. Secure Server facilities can be provided on a AA-ONLINE.com Hosting account for a minimal annual charge (charges are inclusive in the E-Business Hosting Package).

AA-ONLINE.com also provides an automatic Search Engine Submission services. Submission to the important 15+ Major & UK Search Engines is provided free for the first year for Website Design clients.

Clients are reminded that listing by the major Search Engines is a privilege, not a right, and that no one can ever guarantee a listing with any of the Search Engines, let alone provide a high profile placing.

Clients are required to pay a deposit prior to design work being started, which is refundable in the event that the interim site does not meet the client's expectations. Full payment is required prior to the formal publication of the site on the Internet.

AA-ONLINE.com will retain two current copies of all Websites designed for clients. One on Hard Disk and the other on CD, and these will be updated when there are any major changes to the Website content or design. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they keep up to date copies of active or dynamic databases which reflect their online trading activities or operations.

AA-ONLINE.com retains copyright, publication and distribution rights for all websites they build, design and develop, and this extends to all original artwork and graphics.

Secure Transactions, Fees, Payments, Refunds

All orders and credit card payments are transacted using a secure server certified by Thawte Consulting. Credit Card transactions are encrypted and sent via email to AA-ONLINE.com for checking and entering into the PDQ system. Under this highly secure system, client's credit card details are declared to Barclays Merchant Services, and are never made available to any other party. Owing to the primarily personal nature of Domain-Names which are generally closely linked to an individual, business or specific project or undertaking, AA-ONLINE.com is unable to register a Domain-Name without an advance payment in full.

For the reasons outlined above and the fact that the majority of Domain-Names cannot normally be resold, AA-ONLINE.com is unable to make a refund for any unwanted Domain-Names once the registration process has been implemented, except where the registration is rejected by the relevant registration authority.

Web Hosting services are payable yearly in advance and are not refundable.

Other hosting services and charges including Secure Server facilities for order processing and credit card transactions, are payable annually in advance and are not refundable.

A deposit is required prior to Website Design and Development work being started, which is refundable in the event that the interim site does not meet the client's expectations. Full payment must be made prior to formal publication of the site on the Internet.

AA-ONLINE.com will not purchase any software, products or engage alternative services on behalf of clients. Any additional external work, assistance, training or software must be paid by the client in advance directly to the suppler, unless there is an alternative agreement in writing to the contrary.